WOW, the X-Mas holidays are here, they seem to come faster and faster each year.

So what can I buy my Dad, Son, Grandfather, Mom Daughter, Grandmother, and the rest of my family and friends? What can I buy for myself, following a year of dedication and commitment? Hey I deserve something special too. Its X-Mas Time!

What did you buy them last year? The year before that? Often we can’t even remember since it fits in those generic categories that we select from every year. Then there’s the good old gift card category. This category grows year after year but the reality of it is that the gift becomes somewhat impersonal. We don’t even know what was bought which takes something away from the experience.

Think “Outside the Circle”

Yes, the circle, year in and year out we go round and round and round and buy that individual something similar to our choices for the last several years in X-Mas Time. Kinda boring. Wouldn’t it be nice for both of you to be able to remember a special gift that will stand the test of time.

A gift that’s unique….that will elicit positive comments not only from your friends and family, but you will actually meet people who will be interested and give you positive feedback. Yes, although hard to comprehend, actually meeting people in a manner other than on-line.

The 3 products are all from Europe, all in the fashion accessory category and are for both men and women. All send a positive message about how amazing nature is.

The 3 Stylish gifts for this years Holidays are incredible products from Italy and Switzerland. WoodenFriend Wooden Watches, Wooden Bow Ties and Wooden Jewelry. As you navigate the WoodenFriend web site you’ll see 3 incredible collections. The creativity and other attributes shines through.

These are gifts that are unique, memorable and fashionable. The present that you are giving is much more than a gift.

And in terms of “the look” that you create for yourself. Do you want to be a leader or a follower in how you present yourself? Do you want to create some positive conversations or just blend in with everyone else? Whether its for a casual social event, going out to bars & clubs, a formal affair or to spend time with your friends and family during the holidays, these accessories will reflect positively on your sense of style.

We at WoodenFriends thank you for continuing to embrace our products and we wish you the Happiest of Holidays.