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Wooden Bow Ties 3D – in Bog Oak wood – Venezia collection


Bow tie made with a new 3D technology!

The WoodenFriend bow ties are designed and hand made in Italy. The bow ties combine the natural beauty of wood with interesting fabric designs.

Each type of wood has its own characteristics and appeal. They are made of different high quality woods, are subtle yet rich and every piece has its own personality.

These 3D wooden bow ties are the perfect accessory for casual or formal occasions. It is for those that are not afraid to forge their own path.


Every piece of wood is unique in its structure and color, because nature is the best artist! The product may therefore differ slightly from the picture.

  • Fabric001
  • Fabric002
  • Fabric003
  • Fabric004
  • Fabric005
  • Fabric006
  • Fabric007
  • Fabric008
  • Fabric009
  • Fabric010
  • Fabric011
  • Fabric012
  • Fabric013
  • Fabric014
  • Fabric015
  • Fabric016
  • Fabric017
  • Fabric018
  • Fabric019
  • Fabric020
  • Fabric021
  • Fabric022
  • Fabric023
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A Special accessory for you, wooden 3D bow ties from WoodenFriend!

Individuality is the greatest value of our time. This is likely something you experience every day. Increasingly everyone is searching for something special, wishing to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Every person is unique, just like the complex nature of a tree.

As one of the staple raw materials on our planet, wood is conquering the fashion world. Its versatility adds the high value of durability to trends, styles and designs.

WoodenFriend uses this durability to transform wood into a modern collection of our fashionable bow tie line. We represent a growing trend in design that you can be part of! Whether you prefer formal attire or a casual look, the WoodenFriend bow tie is a versatile accessory for all gendered customers looking for and treasuring what is unique and valuable.

We know it is important to provide you with numerous options to accessorize. With this in mind, within our handmade 3D Italian bow tie line, we offer a diverse selection of wood types and a wide range of colors and fabric designs so you have many options for your outfits.

The fabrics are 100% cotton or silk and are hand stitched onto the bow ties. The fabric designs are highlighted against the natural lacquered woods. All bow ties are easily adjusted to the variety of sizes needed.

Many have told us, and we have experienced it for ourselves, that when wearing these fashionable 3D bow ties, many will approach you, ask whether it is made of wood and where you got it. You will meet people now, just because of your bow tie. We also find that those that you already know and those you are meeting for the first time will be both fascinated and complimentary.

We hope you will embrace the WoodenFriend bow ties so you too can embrace this fashion trend and make your own fashion statement.

We at WoodenFriend thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be part of your everyday life.

Every piece of wood is unique in its structure and color, because nature is the best artist! The product may therefore differ slightly from the picture.


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