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Wearing a fashionable watch makes a positive statement.

When that watch has a unique look, is tied to nature and is a plus for the environment when looking forward, it’s even that much more special. Its real Fashion.

In recent years we’ve seen many watches which might be considered sport watches. While they have a “time” and a place, these watches tend to have somewhat of a generic look. When you want to communicate that you have a sense of fashion and embrace a unique look, a wooden watch with interesting design elements is a great choice.

Even many high end watches often bring very little fashion and can be a bit boring. Wooden watches are a centerpiece of attention. With their wonderful aesthetic they are special in terms of the material and craftsmanship. Italian design and workmanship with the accuracy and integrity of Swiss movements is the perfect combination for a very special accessory.

Nature is Fashion & Art.

Embracing nature is a positive headline, but going even beyond it to study the beauty of wood is very important. Because every piece of wood has its own grain patterns, each watch is entirely unique. Even when cut from the same tree, the number of patterns is infinite. The variety of species of trees that we have chosen brings in additional factors of color ranging from the light coloring of Maple & Ash, to the beautiful hue of the Walnut, to the dark aesthetic of Bog Oak. You can find a special look that accompanies that specific family of woods.

As the years, decades and even centuries pass we become more and more aware of how our choices for products is impacting our environment. Today not only the scientists and environmentalists, but the masses discuss how we can achieve a lower carbon footprint. Poor choices in the selection of materials and the energy needed to produce them is becoming a central topic of conversation which we know needs to be addressed as a priority. Bad environmental choices are generally not reversible.

So wearing an accessory that exhibits true fashion, craftsmanship, your love of our planet and sophistication, is a message that we can all embrace and be proud of.  Make that statement with a WoodenFriend Wooden Watch from Italy and Swiss Made Movement from Switzerland.

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