`WHY BOW TIES?` Well lets go one step further.

Why do fashions change over time? Why do we prefer that it does?

The one thing that’s consistent with fashion is that it always changes! For many people having the latest fashions – clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry  is a high priority. These fashion forward consumers need to wear the latest fashions.


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Fashion is a way to express something about ourselves. For others who are “fashion followers” they wait until the new fashion becomes the norm. A recent example would be “exposed cold shoulder sleeves” in women’s apparel.  We first saw this design on fashion runways and in fashion magazines. Then we saw it on celebrities, and it began to appear more and more in on-line advertising on our digital frontier. Simultaneously various collections added it into their line, began advertising in high circulation magazines. By then, they were placed throughout retailer stores and quickly flew into closets around the world.

Men embracing new fashion differs in that changes can be slower but again there are those that are ready to make a statement early on and those that wait for the tipping point. One of the more recent examples is the color of men’s dress shoes.

Historically wearing black pants with brown shoes was, in a word “Wrong”. These two colors were entirely incompatible. However, fashion does not stand still – and views change – Today, walk the streets of many cities and you will see men regularly wearing brown shoes with black pants. Now, what was a fashion faux pas, is now the norm.


Regular neck Ties have been a staple and is the “expected mens accessory”  in dressy situations. A second option and one that is even classier is the bow tie. Now there’s an option, and a new fashion forward option. Woodenfriend has launched a collection of Italian produced 2D & 3D wooden bowties.  it’s an eyecatcher. Customers often report that when wearing our WoodenFriend Bow tie, it’s common -for people to approach them and ask if they’re wood and where they got them. These people are intrigued and extremely complimentary.

The WoodenFriends bow ties are being worn in a wide variety of situations, from formal events such as weddings and galas, to more casual social events such as clubs, parties, and gatherings with friends.

Our bow ties have a variety of wood types resulting in a wide range of grains, patterns and hues. Add to that a large palate of fabrics that range from solid colors to those w/patterns, across a full spectrum of colors. That plethora of options allows you to coordinate with any outfit be it a casual denim colored outfit to a to a tuxedo to a business casual look

So be one of the leaders in this trend. Impress those you know and those you want to meet. Make a statement that you care about, and embrace fashion.