An Idea comes true

Our company was founded in 2013 in Florida by a small group of friends that have very similar interests and philosophies. Love, respect and admiration for nature make up a core mantra that we share. We, as a group often build campfires as we always find they inspire great discussion and ideas.

After some time the fire was getting low and needed more wood to build it back up. After putting the wood into the fire, it spoke immediately to us with a loud crackle and flaming embers, which rose into the dark sky. As the campfire was shining a bright light on the group, an idea came to us. Why not work with WOOD?



Wood is one of the oldest commodities that has been integral in our lives for centuries, even millennia. Wood is used when hardness, toughness, flexibility, durability, stability and lightness are all required. Wood is a natural resource and unlike many materials used, its environmentally friendly, a trait, which is becoming more important every year. Wood is also distinguished by its high quality, lasting value and unique beauty.

Wood is a fascinating material and has all of the features and benefits, which would make it the perfect material for many of the products that we use in our lives every day.

The campfire now illuminated the beach of Anna Maria Island and now with great clarity we all agreed that working with Wood will be our mission.

All our ideas and products needs to represent the combination of modern technology, craftsmanship, the use of high quality materials, with sustainable cultivation. It must be characterized by high quality, value, stability, sustainability and uniqueness.

We would now embrace and utilize Wood, one of our most spectacular natural materials in our daily live. Implementing and focusing on Wood will shape our objectives and be the foundation for the journey that we were about to begin.

We hope you too are excited about this philosophy to focus on Wood. You will be even more enthusiastic when you see the incredible products that were born out of what started to be, a simple yet beautiful night around the campfire.

Enjoy the Products!

Your WoodenFriend Team